Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma national park, Bach Ma mountain range bears a wild and charming beauty of a girl. Bach Ma is located about 60km in the south of Hue city and 50km north of Da Nang, at the height of 1.444m above sea level, which is an interesting ecological destination for travelers who love natural scene. Go on a camping trip to Bach Ma park is so awesome!

Along the undulating passage up to Bach Ma, you can play with wind, cloud and satisfy all touches etc. One special thing if you come there is that you will have a chance to experience four season just in one day.

bach ma national park

Going there

After reaching the gate of Bach Ma National Park, you have to go through a passage of 16 km to the peak of Bach Ma Mountain. You can choose to go on foot or rent car to go up. The prices for rent a car is VND 900.000/round trip. Because the path is very steep and twisty, some people will be impressed.

Although you can travel Bach Ma National park in any time, however the suggested time is in Summer and Autumn due to cool weather, suitable for camping and exploring the nature of Bach Ma park.

bach ma national park

Camping activity

For most backpackers, staying in tent is an unmissable experience to immerse in wild nature. However, if you are not acquainted with that way, you can stay in:

bach ma national park

– Homestay at the foot of the mountain.

– Hotel: Currently, Bach Ma park has villas for rent such as Do Quyen, Kim Giao and Phong Lan. Price varies from VND 500.000 to VND 1.000.000/room/night.

– Motel: there is Bao An Motel, in which three-bed room costs VND 600.000 per night.

bach ma national park

For camping, you can find some flat area in Bach Ma Park which is suitable for making a camp. You will be conducted the place of camping with price VND 30.000 per person. Do not worry if you forget something for camping, you can hire it there.

Because the services there are lacked, thus, you have to consider carefully before setting foot on there. You can eat at Bao An restaurant, however, according to the review of some previous visitors, do not rely totally on them. You should prepare food and drinks.

In the evening, group can gather around a campfire, sing and dance and listen to the sound of animal beside. You can order food at the restaurant for BBQ party at night, however, you should make in advance. Or, you can prepare food for yourselves. It is easy to hire stone, pot to cook or pick stick and stone to put up cooking fire. The experience to make food is so fascinating. People can gather around the fire and enjoy food. That memory will froze in your mind and last forever.

What to see

Traveling to Bach Ma National Park, you not only watch imposing scenery but also find out eye-catching flora and fauna system there. Some spots are suggested to visit:

bach ma national park

Vong Hai Dai (Sea viewpoint): it is the highest area in Bach Ma National Park. Standing from there, you can freely see overall scene of Bach Ma National Park and Lang Co beach. You can experience the feeling like being lost in the hell which are surrounded with cloud, mountains and beach of misty around. With just few hours of walking to Vong Hai Dai, we can enjoy fully four seasons.

Ngu Ho (Five lakes) In which, the third one is the best and have the place to eat and dive into cool water. How fascinating!

bach ma national park

Do Quyen waterfall: If you come on March, you can watch Do Quyen flower bursting into blossom along 2 sides of cliff which situated at the height of 300m.

bach ma national park

Good to know

  • You should prepare trekking shoes, hats, boat, warm clothes and accessories to keep warm.
  • Bring along mosquito, insect repellent
  • Prepare food and drinks for trekking along the road.