Cat Tien National Park

Camping Nam Cat Tien National Park

Situated in Dong Nai province, far about 150km northeast of Ho Chi Minh city, Nam Cat Tien National Park is a tropical national park with 72,000 square hectare. If you are nature lovers and wish to explore the flora and fauna, Nam Cat Tien park is absolutely an unmissable destination which is recognized as 411th biosphere Reserve Zone in the world by UNESCO. It is regarded as one of the outstanding natural treasurers in the South of Vietnam. It is isolated from outside world and is surrounded by Dong Nai River. Furthermore, it is an attracting place for you and your friend setting up a camping picnic at weekend.

cat tien national park

The climate at the park includes two seasons, the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May to November. The best time to visit there is between November and May, so it is convenient for you to travel to Cat Tien National park and camp in the jungle.

cat tien park camping

How to get there

It takes approximately 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh city by motorbike or 3 hours driving on car or public bus. You can also catch a bus to take you directly at Nam Cat Tien stop. You should depart on Saturday’s morning and back on Sunday’s evening.

Stay there

There are some motels nearby the forest with those quaint name such as Elephant house, Tiger house, Queen’s flower house… which are the popular things in Nam Cat Tien. Sleeping room was designed in very simple way but equipped with full amenities such as air-conditioner, fridge, hairdryer. All rooms has a small yard for BBQ at night. However, always call ahead for reservations as the park can accommodate only a limited number of visitors.

cat tien national park tent
Tent in Cat tien jungle

If you are going on camping trip, set up your tent in a dedicated area in the jungle, if you do not bring your camping accessories along, you can rent it from receptionist with affordable, priced from $5/night.

cat tien national park stay

What to explore

You could rent a bike or go trekking in the jungle. That feeling is so awesome! You will be surprised with a number of waterfall in Nam Cat Tien. They are not so high and clear however, there are many cliffs with luxuriant trees. You can see clouds surrounds and floats around waterfall which makes a gloomy and mysterious picture.

cat tien national park trekking route
Cat Tien National Park trekking route

Thac Mo Vet, Thac Troi, Thac Dung are three waterfalls suggested to contemplate the beauty of waterfalls hidden in deep jungle.

The fauna in the park includes 100 types of mammal including the bison-like guar, 79 types of reptile, 41 amphibian species, plus an incredible array of insects, including 400 or so butterfly species. Of the 350-plus birds, rare species include the orange-necked partridge and Siamese fireback. You can learn about century-old Tung trees with the height of more 40 meters, its diameter of more 1 meters and big roots

cat tien national park giant tree
Cat Tien national park giant tree

Doi Tuong, Hang Doi, Doi Da Trang, Bau Sau swamp, traditional villages etc.. are ideal places for trekking. In which, Bau Sau swamp owns the most poetic beauty in Nam Cat Tien. A wetland lies in the green forest with clean and clear water which you should visit when you travel to Cat Tien national park. In Bau Sau swamp, you can watch crocodile and other endangered animals listed in IUCN Red List. Do not miss the moment to enjoy these simple but traditional dishes in deep forest and see crocodile seeking preys beside. How unique!

cat tien national park trekking

In the evening, you and your friend can make BBQ and make the most of excellent feeling with grilled chicken in the cool climate and the sound of guitar. A good sleep with animals’ sound in forest will be an unforgettable experience for your group.

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