Co To Eco Lodge

In this Summer, trips to the beach is a must. Our recommendation today is Coto beach in Coto Island, with beautiful spots, blue and white sandy beach, clear sky, Co To is really ideal for many young people to discover the whisper of wind and waves, salty taste of the sea, radiant in the sunlight and the gentle blue sky.

About 6 km from Co To town center (about 1,5 hours driving from Halong city and 1,5 hours on speed boat, we get to Coto island), Coto Eco Lodge is a newly built resort with 18 bungalows and camping tents area facing the sea. The apartments are located on Hong Van beach, using environmentally friendly materials with distinctive style. Co To Eco Lodge is an impressive, young and attractive camping site.

co to beach island

Where to stay

If you cannot prepare your camping tents, It’s easy to rent a tent or bungalow or buy a package with combo tents of Co To Park. The Combo package for unlimited water sports, watching coral, seaweeds and fish. At the price of  350,000VND/person, when registering Combo tent camp of Co To Park, you will enjoy:

– Coto Park Tent: With pillow, blanket, reading lamp, mosquito net…
– Restrooms, baths in woods
– Lockers
– No limit to play combination of water sport  in Co To Park with many attractive games such as: underwater volleyball, banana float, sea climbing, kayaking..

Coto Bungalow

You can rent camping tents for two people or groups of 4 people depending on your needs. At present, the number of tents is not much, so only about 30-40 guests per day. You are advised to make a reservation before traveling.

Coto camping site

There is also bungalow rooms with prices ranging from VND 800,000 to VND 2,000,000 per room for two people (depending on weekdays or weekends)…

What to do

The best experience we recommend you rent a motorbike at 200,000 VND a day (including gasoline) to visit some highlights of Co To island such as the Lighthouse, Van Chay beach, Cau My rock plain, stroll around the fishing village nearby… or take a boat to visit small Co To Island and snorkel for sightseeing at a cost of 600,000 – 1,200,000 VND.

Coto fisherman

To experience deeply the natural beauty of the island, you can also play kayak or scuba diving and watch the beautiful fish, coral reefs with brilliant colors squeezing in the “seaweeds” waving with the waves.

Experience the relaxing moments, romantic in the firefly tent camp, watching the silver moonlight in the sea, hear the waves pounding.

Evening is the most romantic time at this beach, when you can enjoy a seafood dinner with fresh squid, prawns, fish or specialty nails in the sound of fluttering waves and the shimmering light of the storm lamps which are arranged very delicately.

Cau My Rock - Coto island

Fascinated by Cau My Rock plain with a myriad of miniatures, reliefs made by sea water, waves and wind, nothing can describe the elegant colors and the exquisite patterns, as well as the rocky out of the camera lens. Here, you are like walking on the surface of Mars – because the color of the rock is red orange.

coto camping

It is easy to enjoy the dawn by simply opening your eyes, raising your head to see in front of you, inside your camping tent. Enjoy relaxing moments to welcome new days.