Con Co island

Pristine Nature with virgin beaches in Con Co island

As a small island in Quang Tri province, Con Co island (Vietnamese – Cồn Cỏ, also known as Tiger Island) quickly becomes a popular destination for most backpackers who love to experience primitive life due to its pristine nature and rare seafood. It has also been rated one of the most beautiful islands in the Central Region with a rare ecosystem and rich potential for becoming a camping site and an unwind resort.

Because it is an untouched area, it is quite difficult to get there. You have only choice to hire a fishing boat and the local fisherman can take you to Con Co island in about 1 hour boat trip. And also you have only choice for staying in local people’s house or making your own camping tent to spend the night by the beach.

What to do in Con Co Island

Its coral reef sheltering rare marine life has made the island of Con Co one of five marine reserves in Vietnam. You will have a chance to snorkel seeing coral reef. This is an ideal destination for people who love to discover the ocean life. However, because tourism service has not developed in Con Co island, services for activities there are not well equipped. So the advice for you before your trip to Con Co island is to prepare all necessary stuffs for coral snorkeling, sleeping bags and tents.. Black coral reef is now not popular as it’s used to be and it often lives in the depth of 10 meters which challenges the scuba diving and your luckiness.

Apart from snorkeling activities, Con Co island is indeed a suitable place for nature lovers. After long hours of diving in the ocean, you can go trekking to explore the forest. Or simply, take a time to swim in the ocean which still bears the primitive beauty. You can take stunning photographs with countless small rock as giant black pearls.

lighthouse con co island quang tri

You can also visiting the lighthouse on island which is also an attracting sightseeing spot, you can talk with friendly and humorous soldiers.

Travel to Con Co island, you also have a chance to visit some traditional rooms housing displays reconstructing the history of the army and people of the island over the past 55 years, pay tribute to monument Hill 37 commemorating the soldiers sacrificing themselves to protect the island, visit Nghe Wharf – Mom Ho, the primeval forest on the island and the lighthouse (Hai Dang) and enjoy rare seafood dishes prepared by local people. Sea urchin is special dish of this place.

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