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Camping ground Con Son island – Con Dao

As nominated by Travel & Leisure Magazine as the most mysterious tourism place on the planet, Con Dao island is named as a pearl of sea. In which, Con Son island (also called Con Lon or Phu Hai island) is the largest island of the Con Dao Islands, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam.

con son island beach

With foreign and local travelers, Con Son island is attractive because of its primitive and charming, mystic beauty. Thus, you should not miss this place for your group to camp and relax at the pristine beaches.

The best time to visit Con Son island is around November to May, due to its sunny weather, which is suitable for camping, trekking and photographing. If you like to see reproductive season of sea turtle, you should come there during September, October.

You can travel to Con Dao island by boat or by airplane and transfer by boat to Con Son island. Currently, there are 2 airway serving for visitors to come here, Vietnam Airlines and Mekong Air. Its prices varies from 1 million to 1.5 million per route. Moreover, there are daily boats departing from Vung Tau which costs VND 200,000 – 300,000/route.

con son island

How to stay and discover in Con Son Island

The fresh air, wide lane and romantic natural scenery in Con Son Island lures strongly everyone to explore it. Here, you should hire motorbike at hotel or other rental service, with price from VND 100.000 to VND 150.000 per day. There are some areas which you can choose to camp, such as Bai Ong Dung, Bai Dam Trau, Hon Cau. In which Bai Ong Dung is suggested as an camping site with wild, beauty natural scenery, fresh air.

con dao camping bungalow

Because Con Son campground is an island isolated from mainland and tourism are undeveloped, thus, you should bring along tent and accessories for camping in advance. However, if you forget or do not to take, you can rent on the stalls here. For group travelers, you can organize activities in camping night such as burning fire, BBQ party and music etc. At night, your group can gather to see sparkling moon and stars
on the sky.

con son island camping

Your group can experience other activities such as riding bike seaside, walking at seabed, driving motorbike at seabed especially snorkeling or diving to see pearl or surfing on round boat. Fishing squids by round boat at night is a promisingly enjoyable experience.

con dao island

Some tasty specialties in Con Son island.

  • Vu Nang snail, Red groupers, lobster and Mu Ni lobster. In which, Vu Nang snails can be processed through broiled, boiled, fried, salad … especially delicious grilled onion Vu Nang snails. Restaurants here are all serving this specialty. You can enjoy seafood while watching the blue sea. Lobster is considered the “king of seafood” in Con Dao as generally, even though its price are not much cheaper than on the mainland but it is very fresh.
  • Terminalia catappa seed jam (“mứt hạt bàng” in Vietnamese). Most comers here often buy this dishes as a gift for loved one and family for 1 to 2 dollar/kg, depending on the season.
  • Oyster sauce: this sauce dish is indispensable in the meal of local people. It is made from meat of fresh oyster mixed with salt, pepper, spices and then the mixture drips out of fragrant reddish brown sauce.

To enjoy fresh seafood, you can come to restaurant, however, the price is quite expensive. To save money, you can visit local market to enjoy it.


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