Hoa Trung lake in Da Nang

Beautiful camping site with yellow steppe

With peaceful and wild scenes, Hoa Trung lake has become an attractive destination for many young people traveling to Da Nang. The beautiful space of the lake as a watercolor painting is very suitable for those who like camping or canoeing.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

About 20km from Da Nang city center, it takes about 40 minutes by motorbike or car to get here, Hoa Trung lake is located in Hoa Lien commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. From the city, running along Au Co street (Hoa Khanh market) you go along Ba Na direction and find Hoa Ninh parish, turn left to see the concrete road, and you will see the pathway just 30cm wide. If you have difficulty in identifying, ask the local people the way to the lake. This is a man-made lake providing daily water and irrigation of Hoa Son and Hoa Lien communes in Lien Chieu district, surrounded by floating islands.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

Surrounded by yellow grass fields, Hoa Trung lake makes people think of the movie “I see yellow flowers on the green grass”

What to do in Hoa Trung Lake

October – the dry season is the right time for you to make a trip here. The special attraction at this address is the lake surrounded by artificial floating islands, with smooth pastures, flat, folded sloping hills, very suitable for lakeside picnic or night camping. On the shallow days, the lakeside area becomes large, like a vast prairie plain.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

Hoa Trung lake is famous for sightseeing, picnics of young Danang people. This place’s not only for many people to find a weekend getaway, picnic or wedding photography but also ideal location for the amateur photographers from Danang to make many beautiful images from this artificial lake which are uploaded on the internet and shared with friends and family.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

It’s very interesting that you can experience canoeing on the green river. The lake has not been exploited by tourism companies, the dug-out boats are made by fish farmers. They used boats to visit fish farms and moving through the lake. So be smart to ask people to experience sailing in the lake.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

This is an artificial lake surrounded by floating islands so to make sure you do not go hungry, you should prepare food and drink for your camping trip.

In addition to enjoying the pristine beauty of this space, you should go camping overnight near the Hoa Trung Lake.

Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang

Hopefully with the sharing of experience in Hoa Trung, will help you equip yourself with useful knowledge to have fun and exciting experience offline.

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