Sao Bien (Starfish) – Binh Lap

Sao Biển (Starfish) is a homestay ecotourism business – located in Binh Lap Hamlet, Cam Lap Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, about 90km from Nha Trang and 30km from Cam Ranh city center. Starfish is located in Binh Lap village, a small village of Cam Lap commune is attracted by tourists because it has a beautiful beach and a fishing village at the foot of the quite poetic mountains.

With the criteria of operating based on nature and local culture associated with environmental protection, Starfish is completely natural, not polluted and unspoiled. Starfish has studied and preserved this treasure so it’s best for a camping trip that you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife, as well as the culture and life of the people here.

Especially when you come to Binh Lap, you can also visit many places such as Binh Tien, Binh Hung, Hang Rai, sheep field, vineyard, sand hill… and especially the very beautiful DT702 pathway

welcome to Sao Bien starfish

To enjoy natures, leave the air-conditioned rooms in the urban to spend the night in tents or in wooden huts in the midst of nature and under a thousand stars, you will find out that this feeling is hard to describe in words. Sitting back in the camp tent set up on the beach, you will have another interesting feeling. Beneath the back is a smooth mattress on a flat sandy beach, the tent door is lifted up to let the sea breeze come in, and the sound of the sea waves help the sleep deeper and deeper.

Sao bien - binh lap

However, if you have children or elder people, Starfish also has air conditioned motels. This 70m² family room can sleep up to 10 people or a single 25m² family room.

Time to visit

You can go to Binh Lap at any time of the year. However, during the rainy season from September to December, you should watch the weather forecast a few days in advance to choose the appropriate date. For the spring and summer months, Binh Lap sea in blue and clear water that you can see to the bottom of water, this is the best time to explore Binh Lap.

Sao bien - binh lap

Going there, there are 3 ways to go to Binh Lap

– Depart from Cam Ranh: From Cam Ranh airport, you go through 1A route to enter DT702, towards Vinh Hy Bay. This road’s more than 40km with a view over Cam Ranh Bay. It takes about an hour to drive.

– From Phan Rang: From Phan Rang city, continue on National Highway 1A 40km to the gas station 74 turn right into DT702 and go towards Ngoc Suong resort. This boulevard embraces a mountain of God, passes through the Kien Kien where has many beautiful scenery, and you can explore this extremely romantic Kien Kien stream by the way.

– Coastal pathway: Also depart from Phan Rang city, but you cross the Nai lagoon, King lagoon and go to Nui Chua national park on DT702 road, this is one of the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam. You can not ignore it. With a length of 65km, you will admire a road with a mountain side and a sea side with breathtaking scenery. Before going to Binh Lap, you will go through the Rai cave, Vinh Hy Bay, fresh water streams, Ba Ngoi port to Binh Ba, Kinh beach to Binh Hung, Binh Tien hamlet and countless beautiful beach such as Banana beach, Fresh Water beach, Binh Tien beach… Because the road has many steep slopes, only the tourist cars and motorcycles go here. If choosing this way, you should check gasoline before going.

What to do?

The most attractive part of the Starfish Ecotourism is the beautiful little wooden hut but extremely comfortable. Staying here, you will be able to experience the amazing sense, a small wooden pyramids with airy front and rear doors. In the 6m² hut, there is a 1.6m x 2m mattress for two adults, a folding table, a fan, a lamp, and a wooden floor for you to grill food, eat and relax. Shelters are located at many locations close to the sea, especially under the all year round shade of ancient cashew trees for your choice.

Sao bien - binh lap

Toilets are one of the most difficult designs, as they are both private and limited, but still need cooling. Starfish with a very unique idea: building an “open” toilet in a “closed” space so you do not need to worry anymore.

Sao bien - binh lap

However, this is not all, Starfish also bring you more surprises. One of them is you will enjoy the experience of laying on a swaying hammock under the sky and surrounding by the sea.

In addition, a variety of outdoor activities are waiting for you in the Starfish Ecoregion. For those who love and want to explore nature, absolutely can not ignore the following experiences such as: cycling on the beach, slipping into the sea, fishing, snorkeling to see coral reefs, boat hire to neighboring islands such as Binh Ba, Binh Hung… learn how to pour bread according to the local guide, unearth ocypode at night along the beach, watch the sunset fall or mountain climb to view panoramic Cam Ranh Bay… And if you go with a group, you can request a BBQ party at sea with karaoke, camp fire throughout the night.

Sao bien - binh lap

Starfish Ecology is not only for couples who are in love, for youngsters who are passionate about exploring but also a destination for families looking for a quiet and comfortable camping space. Sea in the ecological area is very quiet, sandy beaches should be safe for children and those who do not know how to swim. Wide beach, shallow sandy terrain, flat and strong surface structure is very suitable for children to tossed in or ride a bicycle or play football. Around is the rocky island, the beach is quite airy and safe. Especially there are many small fish herds which sometimes jumped out of the water so we can hear the sound of fishes swipe their tails. Children can follow the Ocypode (a small crab), they are easy to catch, or snail catch, older children can wear snorkels, diving glasses to catch starfishes or scallops.

With many small caretakers, young fiancé also choose this place to save beautiful memories before entering the marriage life.

Good to know

Service price:

  • Entrance fee, swimming, fresh water bath, water slide, hammock at sea: 50,000 VND / person.
  • Kayak, bicycle hire: 200,000 VND / hour.
  • Leaf hut rental: 200,000 VND (maximum 6 guests).
  • Small wooden hut rental: 500,000 VND (maximum 12 guests).
  • Big wooden hut rental: 1,500,000 VND (maximum 30 guests).
  • Bring food into resort: 20,000 VND / person (except fruit, cake, snacks, not much waste).
  • Surcharge of seafood brought into resort: 150,000 VND / kg (serving coal oven, cup, early process such as steamed, boiled).
  • Fresh water beer surcharge: 5,000 VND / can (serving ice, glass).

Rental rates are calculated from 12h to 12h the next day, however, if the day you arrive the hut/room you booked have no guests, Starfish will be flexible for you to pick up the room immediately and at any time (From 7 am) and similar to check out before 3 pm will not charge extra. For air-conditioned rooms only, if you book a stay of 8 hours in the 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the room rate. If you bring your own camping tent overnight, it will charge 200,000 VND/person, use free beach area. Pack and go now, have fun.