Son Tinh Camp

It’s only 35 km far from Hanoi, Son Tinh Camp is located in Dong Mo Tourism Complex and the Vietnamese Culture Village, Ba Vi national park. It is an attractive tourist spot for families and young people who loves outdoor activities, specially for a summer camp.

Son Tinh Camping

Son Tinh Island originated from the legend of Son Tinh-Moutain God. Accordingly, the bowel of the Dong Mo Lake is the place where a great water battle between Son Tinh (Mountain God Tan Vien) and Thuy Tinh (Water God) happened to win the Princess Me Nuong. In the battle, Thuy Tinh rose the water highly to kill Son Tinh, Son Tinh raised the mountain up, how high the water rose, the moutain raised to same level, Thuy Tinh was finally defeated. So the peak of Mount Ba Vi is now over 1,000 m high, the temple of Son Tinh (Thanh Tan Vien) is still on the top of the mountain.

Son Tinh Camping

Being the first camping site in Hanoi, Son Tinh Camp covers an area of 40 hectares on a peninsula with 3 sides of Dong Mo lake with pristine trees, charming scenery, extremely fresh and comfortable climate. It is a place for outdoor recreation and collective activities with its own criteria and characteristics.

What to do there

Son Tinh Campsite is surrounded by fresh water of Dong Mo lake and dense forests. Travelers come here to visit the lake, admire the famous international golf course, the majestic mountain landscape, the harmony of water and mountain, the sunset with the herds flying to their nest, join attractive games in the forests and underwater and fire camp service, BBQ… and incentive team-building activities

Son Tinh Camping

A camping picnic is favored and attention by travellers who are very proximity and harmony with nature.
Son Tinh Camp is not only attractive for families but also an ideal place for young people to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, camp fire, mountain climbing, cycling, boat float, sightseeing boat…

Son Tinh Campsite

If you cannot prepare your camping gear, you can rent it on the spot. The large camp has max capacity of 8-10 people/camp. The small camp is built up suitable for family or group of 4 people. The camp has the function of insect protection, wind and rain protection including 1 bedroom, with blanket, pillow, mattress and bed sheet. Camps are built-up with two layers of windows to protect the wind, insects and placed on the cool wood panels, about 1 meter from the ground, from the camps, you can overlook the beauty of the lake.

Son Tinh Camping

With the most comfortable self-discovery criteria of nature and self-service, Son Tinh Camp encourages guests to enjoy fresh air, quiet space, stunning nature in comparison with the natural picture of resort.
The camp is held at anytime, beautiful decorated suitable not only for young people but also for all ages, locations and regions.


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