Tips on camping in Vietnam

Vietnam is not only well-known among adventures for a lot of places of interests, incredible landscapes, and beautiful waterfalls but also popular for ideal campground in the spectacular sceneries and fresh atmosphere. Thus, campers should not miss a chance to visit Vietnam.

For those who are big fans of camping, national parks like Cuc Phuong (Cúc Phương) National Park, Bach Ma (Bạch Mã) National Park, Ba Vi (Ba Vì) National Park common destinations. However, when camping there, you need to be aware of some problems and this part of the article will reveal some tips on camping in Vietnam.

Your travel agents will be certain to let you know beforehand about the camping sites and generally those camping equipments as well as tents will be provided by the tour operators or local tourism agents if you book a hiking tour associated with camping. First aid kit, suitable clothes, foods and water are what you had better prepare in advance. It is lucid to bring with your raincoats, hats, or umbrella, a whistle, high-energy food, extra socks, a reflector, and mittens. As in Vietnam, you will find it difficult to purchase camping equipments as well as other necessary things, you should prepare those things if you are an dependent traveler.

In regard to clothing, because cotton takes a long time to dry out, so you may easily get sick in case of wearing wet clothes, it is not a perfect material for camping. You will find it difficult to avoid rains in Vietnam because Vietnam is a tropical country. During rainy seasons, it is humid. Heavy rains can accidentally show up that may destroy your satisfying trips; thus, for safety reasons, you should avoid going camping in this period.

Another thing to notice when camping in Vietnam in winter is that there is no heater here and the bitter cold of the chili wind will discourage those travelers coming from some sunny countries even that Vietnam does not have too harsh winter with the temperature of under 0 degree Celcius. Prior to going, you should check out the overviews about your chosen camping site and watch weather forecasts.

One of main concerns when going camping in Vietnam is insects, particularly leeches, snakes, and mosquitoes. Hence, you should wear long-sleeves shirts and pants rather than shorts ones because it is the simplest way to deal with those matters. Apart from insect repellant, you need to bring medical kit along with you.