Packing list for camping travelers

Camping is always an exciting activity because it is when we can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life to return to nature. However, those who go camping for the first time or for beginner will be embarrassed to prepare for their camping trip, so the camping equipment list below will help you have the necessary preparation for the perfect camping trip in Vietnam.

  1. Camping equipment and sleeping bags

Tent, sun shade, tarp or screen house:

Depending on the time and location of your camping trip, you can bring your own tent or tarp for your convenience. If you go camping overnight you should choose the tents wide enough for the whole group, preferring the choice of thick tent with porch to have more space for eating and drinking. With the tent without porch, you should have a tarp for sun protection, rain cover or night dew

If you go picnic during the day, choosing a tarp with match size will be much lighter than carrying a picnic tent.

  • Picnic rugs: You should prepare about 2 rugs, one was laid in front of the tent for rest, eating…the other laid inside your tent for sleeping. The rug inside the tent should be thick and waterproof for flat and comfortable lying, in addition you also need to choose for yourself a sleeping mat with insulating silver layer to ensure the body is always keep warm (especially when you go for a picnic in winter).
  • Tent peg, rope, stakes
  • Tent-pole repair sleeve, pad/mattresses repair kit
  • Hammock, air mattresses
  • Sleeping bags: Instead of thin blankets, you should bring sleeping bags which keep you warm better and more compact. Note that the waterproof sleeping bag is the best choice for you.
  1. Food:

With each camping trip, the compact and convenience should always put on top so the food should be attractive as well as easy to bring along.

We would like to introduce some attractive dishes that you can prepare for a meal or BBQ party outdoor.

  • Grilled chicken (cleaned and seasoned chicken at home, so you only need to wrap the foil and bake it)
  • Bacon
  • Hotdog
  • Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Candy, cookies
  • Water, soft drink
  1. Cooking utensils
  • Pots, casserole, pan, kettle …
  • Knife, cutting board
  • Can opener
  • Cups, plates, glasses
  • Patch, spoon..
  • Water dispenser
  • Water bucket, water can
  • Gas (or waterproof match)
  • Oil or gas stove
  1. Personal belongings
  • Hand towels
  • Cream & Toothbrush
  • Laundry Soap & Laundry Brush
  • Soap
  • Razors
  • Mirror, comb
  • Eyeshadow
  • Toilet paper
  • Sewing box (needle, thread, pull, blade …)
  1. Some other essential items
  • Backpack
  • Books, writing paper, travel diary …
  • Map, and compass
  • GPS Global Positioning System (This depends on the ability of each person)
  • Clock
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Radio
  • Mobile phone
  • Flashlights & batteries & bulbs
  • Camping light, candles
  • Hunting knives (or forest knives, knives, etc.)
  • Pocket knife (multi-functional)
  • Axes, picks, hoes, shovels, saws …
  • Cord of all sizes
  • Anti-mosquito medicine
  • Mosquitoes incense
  • Small water purifier.
  • Documents, manuals.

In addition, we should also pack for the need for rescue tools, other medical equipment…

Happy traveling!